Baby Massage Butterfly Touch

Baby Butterfly Touch

Butterfly Touch Massage is one of the techniques taught in Gentle Bio-Energetics developed by Dr. Eva Reich. It is a gentle form of light touch therapy that expands our life energy, promotes family bonding. Daily Butterfly Touch baby massage relaxes tense muscles, calms the mind, heals birth trauma, promotes growth and overall improved well-being. This BTM benefits premature babies, newborn babies and toddler to help baby feel safe and well adjust into the life on land.

* Please note that trauma is unique to an individual. What causes a traumatic experience for a person may not be traumatic to another.

Reasons for common trauma for babies:

  • Use of anaesthesia / epidural during labour and birth
  • Assisted birth such as cesarean birth, use of forceps, ventouse suction
  • Long labour due to the poor baby’s position
  • Separation from mother after birth
  • Pricking of the heel due to jaundice
  • Suctioning of throat

Benefits to Baby:

  • Promote relaxation and melt tension in the body
  • Reduce stress and colics in babies
  • Remove birth trauma and integrate the birth experience.
  • Stimulate healing properties and promote growth
  • Promote parent-baby bonding
  • Relax diaphragm muscle to resolve hiccups

“I learned the technique from Yen for my 6-month-old daughter in Feb 2019 and used it extensively to calm her to sleep. Help ease her teething issues, build her immunity up, and solve toddler tantrums (yes, the gentle touch worked wonders). Now (September 2021), it helps my daughter sleep well throughout the night. Helps to drain her nose to get relief from nasal issues. With the experience gained, I have started using butterfly touch massage to relax.

On September 10, 2021, my 3-year-old daughter Niha gave me Butterfly Touch Massage. It was the best massage I have in my life.” ~ Jyothi Ajuha

In this session, Yen will show you step by step Butterfly Touch Baby Massage strokes for you to bond with your newborn baby or young children for relaxation, bonding, and healing early trauma.

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This workshop is taught by Kong Choon Yen who trained in Gentle Bio-Energetics and Good Beginnings.

Workshop: Online Course $50

Onsite Parent & Child/Baby Pair: $50 per session $100 for two sessions 


Butterfly Touch Massage is therapeutic. Not only suitable for newborn babies, it benefits hyperactive child, adults and elderly. 

When one receive Butterfly Touch Massage session, pain and emotional release happens.