Voice of Baby - Will you hear the song I sing?

Voice of Baby

This poem is written by Kong Choon Yen, who has worked on life most powerful of expanding expectant couples mind to inspire them to regain clarity in creative parenthood. Yen guide expectant parents to welcome their baby into their arms in a gentle and healthy way.

Will you hear the song I sing?

Womb is my world
Womb is a place of love where a spark is seen
Womb is a place for nurturing a new life where the future is seen
Womb is a place for creativity where so much is happening within
I feel warm and light with freedom to swim
I am happy when I get to bounce and play with the one beyond my home
I feel excited as I sense warmness and coolness
I enjoy different taste of fluid except the one that makes me groggy
I am loved whenever I am stimulated
Are we strangers who feel familiar?
Have we known each other long before we meet?

Darkness is my friend, brightness is my joy
My world is not a quiet place but a place I feel safe
My world is filled with the rhythm of symphony and drums in nature
Love and joy is what I desire
I can see and feel, so excites me with my senses
My world is pure and conscious, continue to keep it clean
I am open to receive only food that helps me grow
I am comfortable in my home, should I enter the tunnel when the other world is unknown?
I reach a point where there is potential for me to grow
Courage is what I have, do you feel the same?

I deserve to be born healthy
I may come out slippery, please receive me with care and gentleness
I may come out fast, be ready and stay calm
If I come out slow, be patient and wait for my call
I need more time to find my way
When I am a little lost, please lead the way
I have full potential for growth when all connections are turned on
I deserve to be born healthy and complete without numbness and grogginess

Good Beginnings is my birthright. Will you promise to be kind?