Yee Hui positive hypnobirthing

We are Glad We Sign Up for HypnoBirthing Classes

After reading all the good reviews on Yen, we decided to contact her to sign up for the HypnoBirthing classes. We are still glad that we did. Yen was very patient towards all the questions we had for her, not to mention she has a very nice and soothing voice too!

My husband and I learnt so much of our body and managed to have some glimpse of what to expect during the labour. The HypnoBirthing’s signature breathing method that Yen taught us has helped me alot throughout the labour. I wouldn’t say it’s painless, but I managed the pain quite well with the HypnoBirthing’s breathing method.

I Wanted Drug-free Birth

When my initial doctor diagnosed me with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, he suggested an induction on Week 38, which was not preferred by us as I wanted a drug free and minimum medical intervention for my delivery. Yen reassured that we could still have a drug-free and natural birth despite having GDM. We changed to a pro-natural gynae that was recommended by Yen at Week 28 ,and we were so glad that we did.

I was stressed because I might not be able to birth big baby

During our routine check-up, my baby’s estimated weight was at 4.2kg (actual birth weight 3.36kg). We were quite stressed and worried that I might not be able to do natural birth as per planned. But Yen reassured me that it is possible to give birth to big baby even for natural birth. She gave us a lot of confident in doing so.

And our baby came at 40weeks + 5 days which was very worrying for us as a first-time parent. Yen was there for us through all these even the lesson has ended. She was still very helpful and shared with us some tips for natural induction.

The Perineal Massage Works

The perineal massage that was taught by Yen has saved me from any tearing and stitching. There was no wound and my recovery was amazingly fast, thanks to that.

Yen went above and beyond as she even guided me throughout my labour process via WhatsApp. She boosted my confident when I was weak and that was very much needed to keep me sane during the labour. My husband and I were very grateful and thankful for having Yen with us.