Calming Baby Newborn care

Calming Baby is a prenatal infant care class specially designed to prepare expectant couples to First understand babies basic needs, emotional needs and cognitive needs. Calming Baby class addresses common challenges even experienced parents face for the first 7-8 months in the postpartum period. What baby goes through during the journey coming into earth can leads to colics. Parents’ role is to help baby adjust in the new environment, to make baby feel like Home in the Fourth Trimester by responding to baby needs promptly in the following areas.

  • Understand Baby’s Basic Needs through various cues, and using ‘s Priscilla Dunstan unique Dunstan Baby Language to decode the sound or cries baby makes
  • Anti-colics light touch massage, aid relaxation, promote growth, help baby feel connected and bonding with parents through touch
  • Hands on practice on how to soothe fussy baby within seconds using the world famous “Happiest Baby on The Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp


  • Ability to identify the baby’s needs promptly
  • Calms baby’s nervous system so that baby is contented and uses cry effectively.
  • Improve sleep and better digestion when the baby is well adjusted and more at peace. Reduces colics in baby.
  • Improve parents’ self-esteem and feel more empowered
  • Balance family autonomic nervous system, improve family’s overall health and well-being
  • Calming Baby makes your parenthood journey a lot easier and enjoy a good night sleep


“Your classes were very helpful especially when I was thrown into breastfeeding at every 2 hours interval. I was flipping through your notes on all the crying cues and how to latch etc. Fortunately, Lila latched quite well and has been quite a calm baby. At least, when she cried, we understood why?”
Wendy Chua
First-time Mother
“I’m glad you reached out and encouraged me to join the Calming Baby class. Both my mum and I learned quite a bit from it”
Jackie Li
First-time Mother

Venue: The Mind Sanctuary, 10 Winstedt Rd #01-04 S227977

Day & Time: Sunday, 2.30 pm – 5.00 pm

Date:  19 May / 23 June / 28 July / 25 August

Cost: $150 per couple (group), $250 private session