Jocelyn's VBAC

My VBAC and HypnoBirthing journey

After my first birth, I was determined to try VBAC. Simply because I didn’t know what labour was like and I wanted to be like any other mum, to go through the process.

I had a C-sect for my first birth as I was informed by my doctor during my 40-week scan that my amniotic fluid was low and I had to take the baby out ASAP. I was given the choice to induce or c-sect but was told that if i chose the former, I had to be strapped to monitor my baby’s heartbeat and should it drop, I have to go through an emergency C-section. As a first-time mom with little prior knowledge, I decided to take the safest option which is to c-sect and take the baby out.

However, after birth, I deeply regret my choice as I was hurting from not only the C-sect wound but also breastfeeding challenges such as engorgement and mastitis – which made me reflect if I had chosen to do a natural birth, I would have recovered faster and can focus on dealing with breastfeeding issues. And perhaps, since I didn’t even know what contractions or labour feels like at all, there’s always that ‘What if’ thought and belief that I can go through that process of birthing my baby as naturally as possible.

Hence before I was pregnant, I did some research about VBAC and first decided to choose a pro VBAC doctor who would help me with my decision. I decided to have at least an 18-month gap for my next pregnancy and chose a doctor who was highly recommended by the VBAC community – Dr Paul. I met him and felt immediately at ease with him as he gave me the confidence that I could have a VBAC if I wanted.

Throughout the HypnoBirthing classes, I feel more and more committed and prepared for it, I think it gave me the confidence and put me in a good mindset for it. Yen was very helpful and assured throughout. She always went beyond to assist me if I had any questions and was willing to suggest tips to help me throughout the last leg of pregnancy.

At week 39, I was scheduled to see my gynae and on that morning I had bloody show. I was advised by my doctor to go on my daily activities as it doesn’t mean I will go into labour as it may take days or weeks before labour happens. I was told to monitor if I had any consistent surges or if my waterbag burst then I admitted myself to the hospital. Throughout the day, I had mild bleeding and felt cramps that felt like a period that came and went. I kept Yen informed as well, and she just told me it was a good sign and gave me some suggestions to ensure the baby was in a good position.

Right before I sleep, she told me she’ll be on standby if anything and I should catch some sleep while I can unless the contraction pain wakes me up from my sleep and to keep my mind relaxed by listening to the audio files.

At 4 am when I woke up to pee, I felt my waterbag burst. My husband called Yen and we were told to monitor our contractions. Shortly after I felt contractions every 3-4 mins and after timing for about 2 hours, we called Yen and she said she would come down to my house to assist.

At 6 plus when Yen arrive, we worked on some techniques and shortly after I told her I had the sensation that I need to poop. That sensation only happened when the surges came so she said it was time to head to the hospital.

When I reached the hospital at 8 am, the nurses checked I was already 8cm! Before I knew it, I had reached 10cm and it was time to push. I have to say the pushing was the most ‘painful’ or uncomfortable part of the whole process but was glad the baby was out within 40 minutes since I arrived in the hospital!

I was overjoyed and didn’t expect the whole process to be so smooth and fast! Really thankful for Yen’s support and guidance to me and my husband throughout 🥰 In hindsight, it was an outcome that I couldn’t ask for more as I wanted a pain-relief-free labour and I got what I wanted. I didn’t think that the surge pain was unmanageable or even the thought of asking for any pain relief. I just embraced and breathed through each surge and managed it to the best extent and in whichever position I felt comfortable. Before I knew it, it was over.

So I just want to remind mothers who are going through the same thing as me, to not worry too much about what’s going to happen, just trust in the process and have faith that your baby and you will work together to achieve the outcome you want. 

PS I kept talking to my baby while I was pregnant as well.