“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change”. ~  Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing®

To My Surprise, I birthed a Big Baby with Big Head

Julia and Andrew, first time parents wanted natural birth from the beginning of their pregnancy. But baby turned out to be in breech position around 35 weeks when her doctor suggested a cesarean birth as an option. She was devastated. Find out how she managed to birth 4.1kg baby and a 37cm head circumference “big head” baby?​

Baby Turn from Breech to Head Down at 37 Weeks

Hi, I am Julia, a first-time mother. I wanted to have a natural birth from the start of my pregnancy. Everything was going quite smoothly for the initial first two trimesters in my pregnancy until about 35 weeks my gynae informed me that my baby was actually in breech position and I had to consider the option of caesarean birth. I was devastated by the news because I very much wanted a natural birth if possible. I asked around and I was recommended to Yen. Yen came to help me at week 36. She taught me a few positions where I can practice at home to try to turn the baby head down.  We did that every day a few rounds a day. We went back to the gynae at 37 weeks, baby actually turned to head down so we were very happy. That was the first challenge that we had to overcome in the third trimester.