Prenatal Classes & Maternal Care Services

Private consultation

Choon Yen, the Founder of Birth Discovery has been serving parents in labour and birth. She offers childbirth classes & services focusing on helping you to see the complete picture in parenthood from nurturing your baby’s physical health and emotional well-being.  

She is on a mission to inspire couples and parents to embark their parenthood journey from before conception to the baby’s first year of life.

These services including preconception cleansing, transform stress and release mental-emotional blockages to a stress-free early parenthood.

Birth Discovery Women's Care & Pregnancy Workshops Include

Private Consultation

Private birth consultation caters to your personal needs. Be it exercises to help the baby re-position himself for a vaginal birth or learn to create a birth plan. Labour Consultation to troubleshoot during labour is an option. You learn to understand what to expect when you are in labour, know your options or simply help you navigate the hospital system in Singapore.

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes

If you desire a healthy birth, you can now learn HypnoBirthing® –The Mongan Method. And bring your birth to the next level. Reprogram your mind, release conscious and subconscious fear, transform stress and anxiety in birth to beautiful birth.

Birth Support/Doula Services

Need additional support during pregnancy, labour and birth to what to expect after birth? Birth Doula is a Professional Birth Companion who acts as an emotional tranquillizer and a guide to help you achieve a satisfying birth experience.

Labour Tools for Husband

Build your confidence with labour tools and techniques that you and your partner can learn to enjoy your birth. This is an advanced active birthing class for dads. Hands-on technique to complement what you learn in your childbirth classes. This class equips birth partner methods to assist labouring mom in labour

Antenatal Birth Preparation Classes

This childbirth preparation class is great for couples who wish to understand more about giving birth in Singapore and some hands-on massage techniques that partner can use to support his woman in labour. You will learn the pros and cons of relaxation techniques vs pain relief options offered in the hospitals

Calming Baby​ Prenatal Infant Class

Keeping your baby calm and at peace is a parent's first priority. Parents can confidently help a baby adjust to life outside of the womb by understanding the baby's basic needs and reducing bodily discomfort through 5C’s, calming massage and 5S’s.

Better Bonding with Baby Massage

Butterfly Touch Massage introduces a unique level of confidence and trust between parents and baby leading to a calm and relaxed parenting ahead and a joyful healthy baby.

Prenatal and Postnatal Online Course

Wanted to learn more about birth with a tight schedule and budget? Fret not! You can now sign up for our online pregnancy and postnatal course and learn at your own pace. From, prenatal yoga, parenting, birth & breastfeeding, babywearing, and postnatal womb recovery from various experts in different fields.

Corporate and Community Talk

We are committed to provide a harmonious beginning for the family for a healthier next generation and to reduce the unnecessary medical cost for treatment. Now, we are coming to you. If you are planning for a corporate talk for your staff or organize a community event, you can choose a topic from the list.