Birth Discovery's HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Course

  • The newest 4th Edition HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method textbook with 4 Hypnosis Relaxation audio tracks, and class handouts.
  • Personal mentoring by Ms Kong Choon Yen, a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator cum Birth Doula trained in GBE Good Beginnings Body Therapy, Infant Massage and PSYCH-K Change Process.
  • Six Components: Empowering Natural Childbirth Education, Mind-Body Relaxation Techniques, Birth Affirmations, HypnoBirthing Signature Breathings Techniques, Visualisation and Self-Hypnosis Natural Anaesthesia.
  • 5-Weekly hypnosis sessions including Two Fear Release sessions to program your mind for success.
  • Evidence-based classes in an intimate small group setting


HypnoBirth Moms' Positive Birth Stories in Singapore

HypnoBirthing Saturday Group Class Schedule

Group ClassesSaturday – 3.30 pmSaturday – 3.30 pmSaturday – 3.30 pm
Class 1 16 July6 Aug
Class 2 17 July13 Aug
Class 3 *24 July20 Aug
Class 4 23 July27 Aug
Class 5 30 July3 Sep

 Virtual Class at $495 Only

HypnoBirthing Sunday Group Class Schedule

Group ClassesSunday -10.30 amSunday – 10.30 amSunday – 2.30pm
Class 121 August17 JulyCall for schedule
Class 228 August24 July 
Class 34 September31 July 
Class 411 September7 August 
Class 518 September14 August 

HypnoBirthing Evening Group Classes

Group ClassesThursday – 7 pmThursday – 7 pm
Class 11 September4 August
Class 28 September11 August
Class 315 September18 August
Class 422 September25 August
Class 529 September1 September
Birth Mentoring ProgramEmpowered CourseVirtual ClassesWell Pregnancy Care
Group HypnoBirthing Mongan Method$650$495$1200
Continuous Personal MentoringYesYesYes
Monthly Virtual Group SupportYesYesYes
Birth Plan ConsultationYesYesYes
virtual Gathering Baby Butterfly MassageYesYesYes
Calming Baby Newborn Care Class & Labour Tools Class50%50%Yes
Doula In-Labour Consultation/prenatal & postnatal home visitNilNilOne/Two
Additional Hands-on Practice Onsite SessionNilYesNil
Good Beginnings Pregnancy CareNilNilYes

Chinese Virtual Classes

Mandarin Classes are taught virtually by Chong Siew Kim, Certified HypnoBirthing Educator & Hypnotherapist.

Group Virtual ClassesSaturday – 2.00 pmSaturday – 2.00 pmSaturday – 2.00 pm
Chinese Mandarin classKIV  
Optional Onsite PracticeSaturday 6.30 pmSaturday 6.30 pmSaturday 6.30 pm

*Some childbirth classes are completed in more than 5 weeks. If you are at least 35 -37 weeks pregnant when the course begins, please contact 6100 9863 or click the WhatsApp icon for a special arrangement.

Saturday Lessons: 3.30 pm-6.00 pm  

Sunday Lessons: 10.30 am- 1.00 pm

Sunday Lessons: 2.30 pm – 5.00pm

Thursday Lessons: 7.00 pm-9.30 pm 

Venue: The Mind Sanctuary, 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A #01-04, Singapore 227977

Virtual Saturday Lessons: 2.30 pm-5.00 pm

Mandarin Classes are taught virtually by Chong Siew Kim, Certified HypnoBirthing Educator

Investment: Mentoring Program
Five intimate lessons
continuous mentoring by phone and email through post-birth.

Monthly group support session with extra Hypnosis Breastfeeding Session and Butterfly Touch Baby Massage for labour and release birth trauma.

$650 per couple (Group – small intimate class)

May Promotion $495 per couple (Virtual live)
$1080  – $1200 per couple (Private) or intensive course
WhatsApp me for more information

Gathering at Good Beginnings workshop before or after birth –Butterfly Touch Baby Massage (promote relaxation and growth, release birth trauma, reduce colics).

Pay Good Beginnings Forward Support Group

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