HypnoBirthing Videos

Alicia’s second birth. Alicia was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 38 weeks. Her doctor suggested the necessary induction. Alicia decided to use all HypnoBirthing tools to make things go in order to avoid chemical induction. Magically her labour started naturally at 5am. She checked in hospital after breakfast. Due to her condition, she was being monitored for quite some time until her doctor arrived. She was comfortable with intermittent blood pressure and baby’s heart beat with a Doppler. After that, she was able to get into the water and had a quiet wonderful water birth as planned. 

What do you learn from Alicia?

Birth As We Know It is an approved videos. These are orgasmic birth. See how calm the labouring women are. The woman who gave birth in an open sea birthed her baby in posterior position, face up instead of face down in a normal birth. 

What else do you learn from these women?

Is giving birth an energy of expansion or contraction?