Birth class for husband Singapore (partner)

How can a dad learns hands-on and chips in to make pregnancy a smooth and enjoyable experience for his pregnant wife?

An event as momentous as this is going to bring about changes to the balance in your relationship. Your pregnant wife is growing a new life inside her, so it’s not surprising that she will focus on the baby, which may make you feel a bit disconnected or a little left out of some parts of the process.

This is perfectly normal, but rather than feel left out, encourage your wife to share her feelings — both physical and emotional — with you, so that you can bond over every unborn baby kick, get through morning sickness, and attend childbirth classes to empower yourself for a stress-free pregnancy as a team. Additionally, me-time always helps. Preparing to be a good father doesn’t mean obsessing about it every minute of the day. Remember to engage in your usual hobbies, relax, and enjoy the process.

Help your wife manage her emotions better!

As much as pregnancy is a shared experience, your wife will be experiencing a heady mix of hormonal changes that will affect her physically and emotionally. Mood swings, fatigue and anxiety about the upcoming labour are totally normal.

Going to Antenatal Classes and Care Visits Together

It’s important to make sure that your wife doesn’t feel like she’s going through the pregnancy alone, so if you do suggest an HypnoBirthing antenatal class, why not accompany her? Not only is this a great way to pick up information to prepare you for labour, but going as a couple may also help you make new friends who are also undergoing this journey.

Helping During Labour and Delivery

  • Don’t shy away. Be close by to provide reassurance to your wife.
  • Physical contact can be a great calming influence, so hold her hand, wipe her face and stroke her hair — whatever she wants.
  • Assign yourself the role of chief hydrator and feed her regular sips of water.
  • Many mothers experience back pain and sore muscles during labour, so be at hand to give a gentle and soothing massage.
  • Changing positions may also help to relieve sore muscles, although your wife may find it difficult to shift on her own, so be there to help her.
  • Time to use those breathing techniques you mastered in pre-birth class. With the stress and disorientation brought on by her labour, your wife may have forgotten everything she’s learnt.
  • Remind her, and take long slow breaths alongside her.

Birth class for husband Singapore (partner)

Husband-coached Childbirth course and HypnoBirthing. As pregnancy​ and childbirth are shared experiences between husbands and wives, it is important that you Attend antenatal classes​ with her and prepare yourself for the baby’s birth.

Another great way to stop stress from overwhelming you is to leap into action. Each task done or preparation ticked off your long to-do list will help you feel more in control. Figuring out what to pack in your go-bag when labour kicks in or planning baby names for your little one can help build up your confidence!

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