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Best Antenatal classes Singapore. Welcome to Antenatal Class Singapore by Birth Discovery! Are you searching for Natural Childbirth Course? Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Course or Training?

Our antenatal course will help prepare you for childbirth and parenthood. Learn more about pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn care and more.

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Antenatal Class Singapore | Natural Childbirth Course

Highly recommend Mother & Child’s services & Antenatal Workshop. Antenatal Classes In Singapore To Prepare For Your Baby’s Arrival. No better one in Singapore!  Everything you need to have a safe and Empowered birth experience in Singapore. Our Friendly & Supportive Team Will Help Get You Ready For The New Arrival.

Are you searching for antenatal classes in Singapore?

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Lorraine and Yanto took HypnoBirthing class with Kong Choon Yen on 7 May 2014 to prepare for their second birth. Because her first birth experience was traumatic and that she had lots of fear during her second pregnancy as a result. She was generous and agreed to share her birth story with hoping that her story can inspire other parents out there.

She found the Surge Breathing useful while she was bouncing on the birth ball and enjoyed her surges/contraction. She utilised Birth Breathing to breathe her baby down and visualised baby moving down the birth path to crowning. When I asked her how she described her birth, she replied to me as “The Most Wonderful and Gentle Birth Experience Ever”. Baby Austin was born in August 2014. If you like her story, give her a Like on Facebook.

Antenatal Singapore: HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method. In today’s birthing environment in Singapore, parents are exposed to lots of negative perception about childbirth and even about the Hypnobirthing process.

Antenatal course will help prepare you for childbirth and parenthood. Learn more about pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn care and more. Topics include: Pregnancy Changes, Labour & Delivery, Post Delivery Care, Breastfeeding Preparations & Other Common Concerns.

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