Birth Doula Singapore [Kong Choon Yen – Birth Expert]

Birth Doula Singapore. Overcome fears to have an amazing birth with th ehelp of … to take in the full experience of birthing your baby, Release All Fear of Birth mothers.. Looking for a Childbirth Doula or a Midwife for baby delivery? Doula Support from Experienced Midwives.  Independent doulas · KK Women & Children’s Hospital · Parkway East · Raffles Hospital · National University Hospital · Gleneagles Hospital · Mount Elizabeth…

In Singapore, a midwife is employed by the hospital and is usually caring for several women at once.

A doula first meets the pregnant woman (and her partner) during pregnancy to form a relationship and to provide:

Information about childbirth.
Help forming a birth plan.
Information regarding the different hospitals in Singapore and what they offer.
A list of resources to utilise during pregnancy and postnatal such as lactation consultants, physiotherapists, counsellors and psychotherapists.
Emotional and physical support during actual labour.
Support for her partner during childbirth, not by taking over their role but by enhancing it. An extra set of hands during a long or difficult labour can be priceless.

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Kong Choon Yen is the most certified and qualified birth and baby coaches (Birth Expert & Educator)  in Singapore, having assisted hundreds of parents.

Natural Doula Services in Singapore – We recommend experienced Singapore Doulas that are highly trained in natural birth to assist in your labour and child birth process. We believe that every laboring woman needs a Doula, so please don’t let cost stop you.

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