Hypnobirthing Induction Script

Hypnobirthing Induction Script – Is there such a thing? Childbirth Affirmation Script.

A Wonderful Hypnobirthing Induction

Let’s talk about preparing for your baby’s birth. What do you say to yourself when going through an induction? An easy affirmations script to be used several times a week by birth partners. Enhances your hypnobirthing practice.

Birth partner hypnobirthing script…

“Beginning this session now. Feeling more and more calm and relaxed as I count down from 5 to 0…

5….. 4…….3……2……1…. 0…. Choosing to sink deep down into hypnosis

Taking a deep breath now, breathing out and letting go of all those things you just don’t need

Replacing them with confidence as you breathe in deeply and fully

Slowing down your breathing to a gentle, natural rhythm

Able to focus on my voice and absorb these positive suggestions for birth…

… Remember that your body knows how to give birth …

So you choose to hand control over to your body

You allow your primitive instincts to come to the surface

You relax your body, release… flow through birth

You accept all sensations…

Each one means we’re one step closer to meeting our baby

We trust that our baby’s birth has its own perfect timescale

You inhale deeply and fully to meet each surge, you exhale to release

Your body is loose, limp and heavy like a rag doll

Relax your face, your jaw, your shoulders release

You choose to let go of anything you just don’t need

You feel strength and confidence

You listen to your inner voice and find positions and movement that feels good

We accept whatever path our baby’s birth takes, with peace

I create a safe, quiet space for you to give birth

With each surge you are more and more relaxed, at ease and focused

You ride each sensation and trust your body

You loosen, open, release

You’re nurtured by those around you, quietly encouraging you…

You’re doing an amazing job

Women all over the world are birthing with you…

You feel timeless strength and courage

There is nothing you need to do except breathe, relax, listen to your body

You allow love hormones to flood through you, wash over you

When the time is right, you surrender to increasingly powerful downward sensations

You meet the different energy of transition with courage and acceptance

We’ll soon meet our baby!

You’re doing such a great job

You breathe down to your belly and our baby

Or you can let go and roar our baby down!

You’re open to all the different rhythms of the birth journey

Dig deeper down, even more focused

Your tissues naturally fan out and give way to make room for our baby

Our baby crowns with ease

We welcome our baby with open arms

[Run through the affirmations again if you want to extend the length of this hypnosis session]

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