Julie and Khai’s HypnoBirthing with Labour Induction

Even though Julie had gestational diabetes and other health condition, Julie decided to take up HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method childbirth education to help her to be in control during her suggested induction. The  result surprised her. Not only did she achieve birth without epidural, she did it without feeling severe pain in her labour. Her husband knew what to do during the whole labouring process without the need to tell Khai her progress. With the right birth preparation, and a positive mindset, both Julie and Khai welcome their baby in a gentle and calm way leading to good beginnings as a family.

“My husband did better than me. Our HypnoBirth was exceptionally good because my birth partner Khai, who is my husband understood what was going through my body and helped me maintain calmness. I was expecting a lof of pain because people around me were telling me so, and that I would lose control because of the inducement. The “pain” that I was feeling was actually the natural feeling of bearing down. I did have control by doing the right breathing during eh different phases of labour. The power of knowledge and trust towards my birth partner made my birth a wonderful experience, as natural as we could possibly get in our circumstances. ” ~ Julie, first time mother.

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