Motherhood Precious Journey The Birth Expert Kong Choon Yen

Thanks to Sofie Hon, Hearty Mums for inviting me to share my mission to inspire couples to empower you to welcome your baby in a healthy, calm and gentle event for the family.

Many new parents and even experienced parents are clueless when it comes to welcoming their baby into this world. Most expectant couples are ill-prepared, anxious and misinformed in the important once a life-time event of childbirth. In this video interview, I have the honour to present the whole person approach to welcoming your baby into your arms. What does preparing for parenthood entail? Allow me to bring you on a journey to bring childbirth to the next level.

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Find out more about Childbirth in Singapore and the impact of mother’s mental-emotional health during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period.

What are the common fear and challenges towards childbirth?

    1. How can expectant mom prepare for childbirth?
    2. How can mother in labour feel comfortable in childbirth?
    3. How can the husband/partner be part of the childbirth process?
    4. Why some mothers felt difficult to connect with their baby after birth?

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