Shirin Hypnobirth 4th Birth Story

The time I heard from my wife about HypnoBirthing. The first thought which came to my mind was- are you out of your mind? She is a Mother of 3 boys already and all were natural birth as to what I understood then. I thought she had nothing else better to do or had too much free time to go and pay someone to hypnotize her so she could give birth to our 4th child. I eventually agreed to accompany her as she shared that it was 6 sessions and I was too lazy to read the books and I also wanted my Wife to be happy. Remember guys: happy Wife, happy life!


I always had this thought in my head that hypnosis is usually done by witches but I went with an open mind to hear and see what this was about. My advise to future parents or first-time parents is to have a really open mind and learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any doubts at any time.

After the first two sessions, Yen shared real life stories from her experience with countless deliveries and the group we had was very curious as we had mostly mothers who had given birth before attending the sessions. It seems that for first time parents-to-be wouldn’t ask so much as ignorance is bliss and they are there to learn. I was very curious as to why would mothers with experience be wanting to pay for this course so that thought made me want to continue attending to see what all these scam was all about. Yes- it was not a scam and to be honest, I never knew there was such a thing as a Doula.

I am Glad that I didn’t miss any of the sessions as my perception of Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, parents old wives tales and especially the concept of natural birth totally changed! I felt that I was enlighten and to be made more fully aware of all the medical procedures being practiced. She practically educated us to be more aware of the how, when and the what to do and can be done in any circumstance from the gynae visits to the delivery. By the 3rd or 4th session, I was like a rebellion against the society (something like the Star Wars or Matrix movie)


I was shocked to learn that my earlier 3 boys so-called natural birth was nowhere near natural.
I was sad to be made aware of the practices followed by Doctors and Nurses today whereby they follow blindly as to what technology has made them what they are and practice today.
I am Glad to know that BOTH parents have a right and a space to express your requirements. (This is depending on the doctor you choose)
I urge all future parents or parents to educate themselves on HypnoBirthing and not let society and the norm to take over your basic rights as a parent for your own child.
My hope is to have this embedded into the system to overhaul the existing birth methods/practices and to bring humanity back to its beautiful natural way.
My advise to future parents is to stay strong and focus and not let the blind lead the blind. This is your own flesh and blood so this is the least a parent can do for them to start right as this is only the beginning of your parenting journey so I hope you make the best decision.

Fast forwarding to the delivery date. I must comment that we really liked Thomson medical and our Gynae Dr Pamela Tan who was calm and supported us fully in our requests to go for fully natural birth. Whatever I learnt from Yen all came naturally at that moment and I think it’s best for my dear Wife to comment on this. One important point for the Husband during labor is to keep on encouraging and relaxing her so she doesn’t give up especially when the contractions are stronger.

From a realistic point of view, this saved me money, unwanted stress of the unknown and all 3 of us; me, my wife and baby were well prepared.
Our 4th baby boy was welcomed into this world fully natural and he is now 4 months old weighing 8kg, smiling and the journey continues……
Christopher Toh
Father of 4 Boys 😜 written in October 2018

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Disclaimer: This is the view of individual and not represent HypnoBirthing Institute or Childbirth Odyssey. It is purely husband/father sharing his thought that’s why it is called Birth Story.

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