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Singapore’s Best Prenatal Classes – HypnoBirthing Singapore by Birth Discovery: Types of Childbirth Classes |  Singapore’s Best Prenatal Classes

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Hypnobirthing is about mentally preparing yourself for childbirth with the help of positive thoughts and deep relaxation.

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Knowing what to expect when you’re pregnant is essential for any new mum. Whether you’re a first time mum or are a pro in the delivery room, these antenatal classes can help you out when your due date arrives.

Doula | Prenatal Support | Postnatal Support

HypnoBirthing releases fear, calms and builds confidence for women who are giving birth and choose the natural birth option. The course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand your body, your options, and decision making within the medical system.

Are they any benefits for mums to be?

  • HypnoBirthing helps decrease the risk or need for intervention such as assisted births and C-Section births as the Hypnobirthing mum is in a calm and hypnotic state.
  • Hypnobirthing as a birth option is less likely require the need for the use of pain relief medicine or other drugs that are commonly used to ease and comfort the pain encountered during the prolonged child birth process.
  • HypnoBirthing mums often experience a shorter labour cycle as well as a more calm and serene birth. Some Hypnobirthing mums even report experience of a comfortable birth, something that non-hypnobirthing mums do not experience at all; hence this is noted as a positive birth experience and a positive birth story.
  • A hypnobirthing mum is likely to recover more quickly.

Benefits to husbands of HypnoBirthing mums!

  • HypnoBirthing brings you much closer to your wife and the mom of your baby as you learn and practise the hypnobirthing techniques together.
  • The hypnobirthing process and your constant encouragement, brings you closer to your wife, the mom of your baby!
  • Husbands learn the proper support techniques to help & support mum and baby in the process of using hypnobirthing across pregnancy, labour and finally child birth!
  • Husbands are able to play an active role in the hypnobirthing process of your baby’s child birth!
  • It gives husbands a headstart as a father as well as increased confidence and the ability to bond with your baby.
  • Husbands are able to better understand the science and physiology of birth and the mums body and the role of HypnoBirthing preparing throughout pregnancy as well as in calming the mum at birth.

Other Benefits of HypnoBirthing

Hypnobirthing will provide you with the tools that you need for calmer and more confident birth, and this can often lead to a drug-free, shorter, and less painful labour. The statistics show that mothers using hypnobirthing require less interventions and analgesia! Other HypnoBirthing benefits to baby include baby being less destressed with less rick of injury during the child birth process. Baby will also be more alert after birth and is ready to bond and feed with mummy.

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