Tia’s Second Magical HypnoBirthing 

Tia chose HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method of childbirth education to give birth to her second child. Even though she birthed her baby four years ago,  She didn’t know much about what childbirth mean to her. Surprisingly to both Tia and her husband were more conscious and achieved their second birth magically where their baby just flow into this world while Tia visualised herself in the magical forest welcoming her baby calmly and much joy and gentleness.

“HypnoBirthing was Awesome! It was a perfect and magical experience shared with my husband. We were relaxed, flowing, accepting and focused during labour. Even though I gave birth four years ago, I learned a lot of my body and the natural processes of labour. The relaxation and visualisation exercises I learned prepared me for a fundamentally different birth experience.” ~ Tia, second-time mother

“Watching my wife HypnoBirthed Jonah was extraordinary. It was both Easy to support my wife and simply beautiful to see her resolved, relaxed and happy as we welcomed our new son who flowed into the world so peacefully.” ~ Brad, second-time dad

What is a perfect birth preparation class for husband?

HypnoBirthing teaches the father tools to help his wife/partner to relax through hypnosis deep relaxation and light touch massage.

There are first-time dad, second-time dad, third time dad and fourth time dad.

“I am in awe witnessing my wife give birth to our daughter naturally” ~ Stephen, first time dad

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