Active Birth Class Singapore for Natural ChildBirth

Unit 1: Building A Positive Expectancy

Introduction to the remarkable HypnoBirthing® philosophy Rationale for safe, easy and comfortable birth How the uterus works – Nature’s perfect design for women’s bodies to birth What’s wrong with labour How fear affects labour How to assist, rather than resist, your natural birthing instincts The vocabulary for calm and gentle birthing Hypnosis and Deep Relaxation/Creating positive birth outcomes Visualizing gentle births by viewing beautiful HypnoBirthing® videos of labour & birth

Unit 2: Falling in Love with Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body

The remarkable mind of your newborn baby—Prenatal bonding techniques
Rapid and instant self-relaxation techniques and deepening techniques
Breathing techniques for different phases in labor and birthing
Hypnotic relaxation and visualization
Light touch relaxation massage
Selecting the right care provider
The Birth companion’s role in birthing
Preparing your body for birthing with massage and toning

Unit 3: Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby

Preparing birth preference sheets-Create your birth plan
Preparing the body for birthing
Your body working for and with you
Avoiding artificial induction and achieving a natural start to labour
Releasing negative emotions, fears and limiting thoughts.
Looking at your estimated due date

Unit 4: Overview of Childbirth–A Labour of Love

Onset of Labour–Thinning and Opening Phase
Birth explained simply
Settling in at the hospital or birthing center
Preparing for home birth – or baby’s choice of birth
As labour Moves along
Birth companion’s role
If labour rests or slows-Birth Companion’s prompts and activities
Protecting the natural birthing experience
As birthing advances–Birth with your baby
Hypnosis Fear Release

Unit 5: Birthing–Breathing Love, Bringing Life

Optimal position for baby during labour and birth
Position and repositioning for descend and birthing
Breathing baby down to birth
Birth of the placenta
Baby moves to the breast
Family bonding with your baby
Breastfeeding and baby’s first hour after birth
Hypnosis Session

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