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Benefits of attending a Natural Birth Class as a Couple!

  • Become Confident, Have a Better Outcome.
  • Learn About Pregnancy & Prenatal Care.
  • Understand the Stages of Labor.
  • Figure Out Your Birth Preferences.
  • Get a Head Start on Postpartum and Newborn Care.
  • Coordinate with Your Care Team.

Highly recommend Mother & Child’s services. Learn more about the natural childbirth method and decide whether it’s … Method or take a HypnoBirthing class.

Hypnobirthing is about mentally preparing yourself for childbirth with the help of positive thoughts and deep relaxation.


Benefits of “Natural Birth”
  • Faster recovery after birth.
  • Less vaginal tearing, since you’ll push instinctively during delivery.
  • Shorter pushing time.
  • Ability to change birthing positions.
  • Decreased risk of needing risky interventions.
  • Some women feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

When should I take hypnobirthing classes?

When should I start hypnobirthing? The ideal time to start classes is between 25 weeks and 29 weeks of pregnancy, but you may well benefit from classes right up to the end of your pregnancy.

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How do you train for a natural birth?

To help prepare yourself try prenatal yoga, walking, swimming, and squats. Another way to prepare your body physically for the work you will do during labor, is by taking a prenatal partners classand practicing positions and massage techniques at home.

 Benefits of prenatal education classes have included increased confidence for labor and birth among women who attended prenatal classes, higher likelihood of breastfeeding, improved communication between childbearing women and their maternity care providers, decreased need for analgesic medication in labor. Contact Natural Birth Class Singapore for your HypnoBirth today.

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