Cesarean or Natural Birth

How I ended up from Cesarean delivery to a normal delivery?

I’m Kia Boon, 26 years old. I was on my 39weeks of pregnancy. I went for my last detailed scanning to check how big and how heavy he was before delivery. According to my doctor, given my height at 1.55cm the most ideal weight to deliver a baby was about 3kg – 3.2kg. However, the detail scan report came out showed that baby was way above the ideal delivery weight. He was estimated  at 3.7kg weight and head size was about 10.2cm in diameter.After the report was given, I went back to my gyane clinic that same morning. Looking through the report, my gyane didn’t give me a chance to go for a normal delivery. Straight to the point my gyane mentioned that baby’s head size and the weight from the scan of 3.7kg makes it very tough for me to have a normal delivery and he suggested that I should go for a c-section. I insisted that I would like to try to go for a normal delivery instead of a c-section. 

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What did my gyane told me?Two cases. Firstly, if I couldn’t push the baby out, he would using a forcep and it might cause injury to baby’s face. He asked “Are we ok?”Secondly, shoulder would be the other part to consider. If I couldn’t push, he would have to dislocate the shoulder and fix back once baby was out. 
After hearing those scary information from my gyane, i told him that I would like to reconsider and seek 2nd opinion before going for c-section. I really wanted to have a normal delivery and not a c-section. By that time, I had already broken down into tears, thinking at 39 weeks of pregnancy, which gyane would want to take me in? Did I really need to go for a c-section? 
My husband Yong Sheng was very supportive. He was calming me down, asking me if I was ok for c-section or I really wanted to have a normal delivery. Most importantly, he wanted both Mother and son to be safe. With him having a calm mind beside me, I asked him to call my elder sister Amelia to seek for opinion if she could find any gyane to take me in. 
Amelia was calming me down and was telling me that she would check with Doula Yen. While waiting, lots of thoughts went through my mind. It was unimaginable and stressful at such a junction. 
Finally, a called from Amelia came in. She told Yong Sheng to try second gyane from Thomson Medical Centre. Without hesitation, we called Doctor Pamela Tan to make an appointment on the same day afternoon 4pm for check up. 
Can you imagine all these happening all on the same morning? 
After all those worries and crying, we went to meet Doctor Pamela Tan hoping that she would take me in and would help me on normal delivery. Doctor Pamela Tam gave me hope, she said that I can give it a try as she had once assisted her patient to deliver a 4kg baby with height of 55cm too. 
I was thankful that she took over our case, all left was the big day for baby to arrive. Who knew that on the same day after meeting Dr Pamela, I started experiencing contractions at 10pm. I was ready to admit for labour. With Doctor Pamela’s help, I managed to have a safe vaginal delivery. Baby was healthy and weighed only 3.1Kg at birth. 
All this happened too sudden and quickly. I was beyond words, blessed to have supportive people around me and really thankful that I had signed up for the HypnoBirthing talk by Yen when I was at 37 weeks pregnant. 
Now, thinking back i would have regreted if I had gone for a c-section instead of seeking 2nd opinion. 
Thank you Yen for the seminar and knowledge shared. Without this talk, I could have lived my life with worse regrets! No point in pregnancy was ever too late to take back control. 

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