Corporate Talks & Community Events

Corporate Trainings, Seminars, Talks & Community Events

We are committed to provide a harmonious beginning for the family for a healthier next generation and to reduce the unnecessary medical cost for treatment. As part of the Natural Birth Movement and Project 1001, we are coming to you. If you are planning for a corporate talk for your staff or organize a community event, consider the following topics:

1.Childbirth Today-1 hour

  • Natural Birth vs Vaginal Birth in Singapore; Childbirth Talk
  • Misconception about labour and birth
  • How your cocktails of birthing hormones play out and factors that inhibit these labour and birth hormones
  • Ways to achieve a healthy birth using the HypnoBirthing method of childbirth education
  • Birth team-main factor contributes to a healthy satisfying birth experience

2. From Womb to Birth-1 hour

  • Does a baby have human consciousness?
  • We explore the baby’s mind before birth and the impact of the birth process has on his or her lifelong health and well-being.
  • A solution to gentle beginnings for the family through natural childbirth education.

3. Microbirth Documentary Film – 1 hour

An award-winning documentary looking at childbirth event from the microscope. Childhood illness such as asthma, obesity, type-1 diabetes etc is rising. Do they have anything to do with the birth process? A feature-length film reveals how a birth process can dampen the health of a child Lifelong and explore a possibility to make up to the missing seeding of the microbiome at birth. This video screening is just perfect for a corporate movie luncheon.

4. Bonding with your baby through Touch- 30 minutes

Hands-on session where parents get to deepen their bond through touch. This session is usually conducted with one of the above topics.

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