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Prenatal Help Singapore. Pregnancy Care. It is not uncommon to experience increased anxiety during a pregnancy… Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore).

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Pregnancy Care During Pregnancy. Average Cost of Prenatal Care. Our Birth doulas provide expert support through pregnancy, birth and the early immediate postnatal time. Nutritional Tips During Pregnancy. Maternity Care: Before, During & After Delivery.

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Our services are targeted at different stages of your pregnancy, to help … It is important to seek antenatal care early so that your pregnancy can be well cared for.  Learn about pre-pregnancy or preconception care… 

Prenatal Help Singapore

  • Early Pregnancy Consultancy: In countries where pregnancy care is midwifery led, these questions are answered in your first appointment, but in Singapore, you have to choose your Doctor and they may not have the time to go through everything from screening tests available, to your diet in pregnancy.

Our Early Pregnancy Consultations are held by our midwives, and give you all the answers to questions you have, as well as giving you helpful advice on the next steps you need to take. We have recommendations for Doctors who are great with natural births, high risk pregnancies, female only – you name it! We can also discuss your diet in pregnancy, screening tests you will be offered, and other very important information.

  • Natural ChildBirth Workshop | HypnoBirthing Classes: Gain confidence knowing you and your partner can do this! Come and experience firsthand what our HypnoBirthing Course is about! The Natural Birth Workshop was created specifically for women who are keen to have a normal physiological birth without pain medication.

If it’s your first child, it’s normal to feel unsure about what to expect during childbirth or how you’re going to cope through the process. If your intention is to have an unmedicated / “natural” childbirth, then we believe it’s essential for both you and your birth partner to enter the birth process feeling confident and prepared – and aware of your own individual choices.

  • Group Antenatal Class | Group Prenatal Class: This antenatal class aims to help you and your partner to prepare for the experiences ahead as a new parent. It is also an excellent way to meet with other parents-to-be, and to share support and information with them. This antenatal class covers normal labour and birth, pain relief, complications, the postnatal period and breast and bottle feeding.

    If you’re pregnant and around 13 weeks, it’s time to sign up for your prenatal course! Many new mothers meet up regularly during their pregnancy and also after birth, forming support groups for mothers or play-groups for their babies.

    Besides preparing you for childbirth, antenatal classes also educate you on how to feed and care for your baby.

    We offer different class packages and add-ons that include prenatal and postnatal exercise courses, postnatal home visits, or extra postnatal support and visits from our postnatal doula.

  • Private Antenatal Class | Private Prenatal Class:
    Private Childbirth Preparation Course. This private antenatal course is designed for couples who prefer a private & exclusive setting with a midwife/childbirth educator, either at your home or at our centre, to prepare you for the birth of your baby.

    Sometimes couples don’t feel like they want to learn about their labour and birth in a group environment. They may not feel comfortable asking questions in a group, want one-on-one attention from our midwife, or it may be that they can’t fit the 4-week course into their schedule due to travel/work commitments. If that’s the case, the Private Antenatal / Prenatal class is for you.

  • Pre & Postnatal Exercise Classes: Best  Prenatal Workouts. Prenatal exercise classes Singapore. Post Natal Massage Singapore. Pregnancy and birth is physically demanding on your body. Our personal trainers are specialists in pre and postnatal exercise and can help greatly reduce pain and discomfort while strengthening your body.
  • Prenatal Refresher | Antenatal Refresher (Group Class): Antenatal refresher course. This is for second time mum onwards, just to go through so they will know what to expect as some mums have a space of couple of years before their first child.Our Classes. early pregnancy | Antenatal | refresher
    This refresher antenatal course is customised to provide you with updates and key information to prepare you for the birth process and in feeding your baby. Our antenatal course is skillfully designed to provide you with comprehensive information and preparation before the birth of your baby. During the refresher antenatal course, we revisit all the important information you learned first time round, and adapt it according to your previous birth.

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