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Are you looking for antenatal childbirth classes to help you learn what to expect giving birth in Singapore with useful labour tools for your husband?

If our signature HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education of 5 lessons is not what you are looking for, this complete antenatal birth preparation of three prenatal birth classes may be your option.

HypnoBirthing® combines science and nature. Our natural birth courses in Singapore return confidence to expectant parents by providing evidence-based information, debunks myths of childbirth, remove fears related to birthing, takes into consideration the psychological factors of the family that affect the birthing process.

 It prepares expectant woman and her birth companion a positive mindset with relaxation exercises to condition the mind and body towards preparing for a Healthy and the most satisfying birth and emphasizing the feeling for the baby from womb to birth.

HypnoBirthing Pregnancy classes is a combination of Lamaze Childbirth Education, Bradley Husband-Coached Childbirth Method, and Hypnosis. It is presented in a fascinating series of five classes that educate, inform, inspire and empower expectant parents to birth the way they desire and that birth doesn’t have to be a traumatic event but a celebration of life.

Baby Friendly Approach

Expectant parents are taught positive pre-birth parenting and emphasize on understanding baby’s feeling from womb to birth. Women learn to trust her body with her own innate power to breathe her baby down the birth path instead of forced pushing. Allowing baby enters this world in a calm and gentle manner without being frighten by the rough handling and thus reduces traumatize birth experience.

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