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Useful Resources – HypnoBirthing, Pregnancy, Prenatal Care, Postnatal Care, Breastfeeding & Paediatricians

Prenatal Care

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy-Stress ReductionIntroduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Video
Wellness Integrated-Ms Adida Shahab  Tel. 9742 6791

List of Chiropractor-Webster Technique 

Chiropractor Sacro-Occipital Technique-Dr. Soni at Spinal Balance Tel. 6535 1400

Osteopath-Dr. David Tio, Osteopathic Treatment Centre Tel. 6734 6440

Ayurveda Doctor
Dr. Satyam, Union Yoga Ayurveda Tel. 8321 6170
Om Vedic Heritage Centre Tel. 6297 2670

Homeopathy Doctor-Dr. Manjusha, Satguru Homeopaty Hp. 93652041

Jin Jin Hua Raffles Hospital-Tel. 6311 2388
Dr. Wu Yue, Body and Soul at 6778 0787

Healing Arts-Holland Village Shopping Centre, 211 Holland Ave #02-46 Tel. 6462 2341/6466 3742
Ismail(Home visit)-Neny Tel. 9692 4400

Holistic Dentists

Postnatal Care


Breastfeeding Mother’s Support Group
Breastfeeding Helpline – 6339 3558


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