Peaceful & Stress-Free Pregnancy and Birth 

1.12 There are internal an external challenges. Women are afraid of labour. Fear of labour pain is one of the common fear of expectant mothers. Support from care-givers such as their doctor may not support women wanting natural drug-free birth. For a complete transcript, please watch the video.

3.00 Good birth experience is defined as a positive birth experience. It may or may not related to the birth outcome. When a woman’s choices for the kind of birth she wanted is being respected and not being interfered with unnecessary medical intervention,. When a woman felt empowered, looked back at her birth and that she did not regret her decision making, then she considered her birth as a good birth. If you have a positive birthing experience, the chance of suffering from postpartum depression will also be reduced.

5.41 First, prepare for your pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy in order to avoid medical intervention that is related to health condition. If you are already pregnant, it is good to prepare for childbirth mentally and physically. Most of us are ill-prepared. One of the area I focus on is to clear the mind of negative perception/beliefs system that can sabotage us. I talk about natural childbirth education. Understand what is normal about birth reduces stress toward your upcoming birth.

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Why are some mothers felt that it is hard to connect with their babies even after birth? 

Did you feel overwhelmed with so much to prepare for baby’s arrival? Were you being poorly informed of what birth is?

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